Consider the following sentence:

"Take it easy."

Would it correct, and have the same eaning if it was said:

a) "You should take it easy."


b) "I have to take things easy."


Those are three different things.

1. Take it easy.
2. You should take it easy.
3. I have to take things easy.

1. This is a command.
2. This is advice.
3. This is a requirement. It may have been imposed on you by someone else, or you may be imposing it on yourself.


Christine ChristieWould it be correct, and have the same meaning if it was we said:
Christine Christiea) "You should take it easy."

In what kind of context do you want to use that?

Christine Christieb) "I have to take things easy."

In that, it is you who is saying it, not someone else.

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