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I'm currently working on the translation of one episode of Mr.Monk. No problem so far, but I came across to this idiom and I'm not sure whether I understood how to use it in the normal life. In fact, I didn't find an explanation of how it is being used...Emotion: sad Can you please clarify me it? In what situations it's better to use suddenly(meaning of this idiom) and vice versa, in what situations it's better to use this idiom??? May I say that something(accident, for example) happended on the spur of the moment?
many thanks in advance for explanation
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JCDentonMay I say that something(accident, for example) happended on the spur of the moment?

I'd find it odd. Emotion: smile
I understand "on the spur of the moment" as describing an action done (or decision made) on impulse, without any planning, without thinking too much about it.

However, you'd better wait for a native's confirmation. Emotion: wink
It refers to somebody's action which was carried out without prior thought. It can not refer to an accident.

"He grabbed the pink scarf on the spur of the moment but regretted it, later, when his friends laughed at it."
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Hi Tanit,
problem is that I didn't find a direct answer whether this idiom is being used only as reference to someone's action...However, I tried google and it showed me a lot of links to the pages, which treats of court trials with thugs and muggers, who were trying convince the jury that everything happended "on the spur of the moment"..:-). So it seems that my guess is correct, but we'll wait on native speakers.
thanks Tanit

I only associate the phrase with 'a very quick/impulsive decision'.

Thus, a 'spur of the moment accident' sounds odd.

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Thank you Clive...[Y]
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