I came across two meanings of the idiom stick to your ribs. Could you please tell me which one is better or more natural?

Stick to your ribs = (of foods) be filling and nourishing (positive connotations)

Stick to your ribs = if you describe food as sticking to your ribs, you mean that it makes you feel like you have eaten a lot of it. (negative connotations)






I would say that stick to your ribs has sort of a neutral connotation, perhaps more negative than positive, but I have always encountered it, and used it myself, in instances like this one:

Have you had their mashed potato pizza? It sticks to your ribs [but it's so good!]

In other words, the food is delicious and filling, but it makes you feel sort of sluggish and slow, like you just need to lie down and take a nap.

So I guess that the second meaning is perhaps closest to the actual "definition" of stick to your ribs.

My family always used it as meaning "thicken you up", but I was particularly scrawny as a child, and I am not seeing that meaning elsewhere.