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many thanks for your previous help! Please may I have another question? I just wanna know in what other situations it is possible to use idiom "to go". Because the only usage, which I know, are the situations, where I want to express how much time left before the start of something. Description of this idiom, which is stated at the thefreedictionary.com web page, sounds a little strange to me.

I'm asking, because I came across to this idiom in very strange situation. I heard it in a movie, which I was watching yesterday. Two FBI agents there were talking about two womans, where one of them is missing. First of these womans is doing 20 years in prison for the drug distribution. The missing woman had been visiting her in jail until she dissappeared. These two womans were a cell mates before. Subsequently, cops found a drugs at the appartment of the missing woman, which did 7 years for embezzlement before. Because of this, cops thought that she was a drug supplier of the woman, which is in jail.

One of the FBI agents at the crime scene commented this:

This is not necessarily about drugs.
Lindsay(missing woman) went away for embezzlement before. (Does went away mean here spend some time in jail?)
It's just another way to go.

(end of conversation)

In the case of the red sentence, I'm totally out..:-(. I have these theories, but I'm not sure.

1) It's just another way to get a money.

2) It's just another way to go to the prison again.

(Maybe in order to see her mate again).

Please what is here the right meaning of the idiom "to go" ? I'm sure that it has nothing to do with going somewhere. I checked the video twice so I'm sure that he said exactly these words. And I checked my typos in this post as well...:-)

many thanks in advance for your help and opinions.

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Big movie watcher..:-)


another way to go = another choice = another path to follow = another way to explain it = another way to approach the problem

aaaa, I'm stupid, maybe I got it.

"It's just another way to go"....could also mean here "It's just another explanation, why she has these drugs at the appartment"...

what do you thing? This third theory, sounds me the best.

Uff, that english is hard..:-(
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CalifJimanother way to go = another choice = another path to follow = another way to explain it = another way to approach the problem


Thx CalifJim!! These sentences with hidden meaning are sometimes hard to understand. Now I can open another bottle of red vine..:-) Damn, I love the celebration of the new year..:-)

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