My name is Coraline.I would like to know what are some idioms about sportsmanship as I could not find it on your website page.Can you please give me one or two idioms related to it ?

Thank you!




For example:

Bad sportsmanship:

They play dirty.

They're into gamesmanship.

They use every underhanded trick in the book.

They try to rattle you with trash talk.

Good sportsmanship:

They play fair.

Everything they do is aboveboard.

They'll concede points that they didn't win fairly.

If the ref misses something, they'll point it out, even if it's to their disadvantage.

good sport

turnabout is fair play

tit for tat

shake hands, and come out fighting

bow out gracefully

sore loser

give someone his due

grudge match

that's not cricket

take it like a man

take it on the chin