Hello, everyone!

I am an English learner and I am new here. May I ask you a question?
Which idiom can we use when we want to express "clearly different", "black and white" or "red and blue"? Or some other phrases?

I need your help. Thanks you very much!


Hi Carerra,

For completely new questions, you should start a new thread. Look at the top of the question page and you'll see a little sign that says, "NEW POSTING". Click that, make a title for the thread and ask your question.


Regarding "clearly different", here are some from

The Longman Language Activator

DIFFERENT 2 - to be completely different from something or someone else
Like night and day
have nothing in common
bear no relation to
be worlds apart
be poles apart
be like chalk and cheese (BrE)
be a far cry from
there's a world of difference between
be a different kettle of fish
be a whole new ballgame
be a whole 'nother thing

Good idea to encourage that practice, but better to simply add to his/her thread because a new member will not necessarily know to look for a new thread, even with his/her/their name on it, and you'll have wasted your comment.

(And apologies: my response on the original did predate my discovery of yours here!)
Good point, Sir.

No apologies needed, Mr M.