A for effort

- recognize that someone tries hard to do something even though they may not be successful

The students received an A for effort for their work on the class project.

above average

- better or higher than average

The boy received above average marks in all subjects except history.

as easy as ABC

- very easy

Learning how to use a computer was as easy as ABC for the children.

back to basics

- an approach in education which uses traditional ideas or methods that have been successful in the past

The teacher believed that back to basics was important in her classroom and the parents were happy with the results.

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Idiom)))below average

(meaning)- worse or lower than average

example))-Most members of the class were below average in the math test.


(meaning)- someone who reads a lot

example))-My sister is a bookworm and is always reading a book.

Idiom )))brainstorm something.

(meaning)- try to develop an idea or think of new ideas.

example))-The students got into groups to brainstorm ideas for the school play.

Idiom)))call the roll.

(meaning)- call the names of students on a roll and usually expect them to answer if they

are there.

example))-Every morning before the class started the teacher called the roll.

Idiom)))cap and gown.

(meaning)- the special cap called a mortarboard and the robe that is worn during academic

ceremonies such as graduation.

example))-All of the students wore a cap and gown to the graduation ceremony.

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