Hello everybody!

The following links are for websites which will explain you all sorts of idioms. "Link one" has a smaller range than "link two" but the explanations are very good.

Link one:

http://www.idiomsite.com /

Link two:

http://www.usingenglish.com/reference/idioms /

The following link brings you to a page with an excellent English-German, German-English dictionary. It has almost every word and gives you also examples, how you can use the word(s) appropriatly. You have to watch out, however, it may show you many options and you could easily pick a word which might not fit in your sentence.

I don't know how many German, German learners are around but here is the link:

http://www.basc.de/dict / Just enter your word, either in English or in German, and click on "übersetzen".

Swiss Jake, I love you... There is so much useful stuff there... [K]

Hehe, you are welcome.