Black Ball : To vote against allowing someone to be a member of an organization or group, you are blackballing him or her.

Blank Cheque: To give a blank cheque to someone is to allow them to use much money as they like for something, or do as they please.

Blank Slate: Something that hasn't been developed as yet or described in any detail.

Bleeding edge: A technology or process that is at the forefront or beyong current practices, but because it is unproven, it is often dangerous to use, hence 'bleeding'.

Bleeding heart: Someone who is very sympathetic towards other people.

Bleesing in disguise : A misfortune or bad luck that eventually has positive results or consequences.

Blind acceptance : To accept something without the slightest of doubt.

Blind leading the blind : When those in charge of something don't know anything more than the people they are in charge of.

Blind-sided: To be taken completely by surprise by some event with a negative impact.

Blink of an eye : SOmething that happens so fast that it is almost impossible to notice it.

Blood and thunder : An emotional speect or performance.

Blood from a turnip: Just as you can't get blood from a turnip, you can't get something from someone when they don't have it.

Blood is thicker than water: It means that family relationships are stronger than others.

Blood out of a stone : When something is like geting blood out of a stone, it is very difficult.

Blood, sweat and tears: SOmething that is very difficult and requires a lot of effort and sacrifice.

Blow a fuse : To become uncontrollably angry.

Blow by blow : A blow-by-blow discription give every detail in sequence.

Blow hot and cold : When someone blows hot and cold, their attitude and opinions keep changing very quickly.

Blow and down: People say 'blow me donw' when they hear something surprising, shocking or unexpected.

Blow off steam: To express anger or frustration.

Blow smoke: To exaggerate or say things that are not true, usually done to make themselves look better.

Blow the cobwebs away : To make sweeping changes to something to bring fresh views and ideas in.

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I have borrowed them from Daily English Dawn.