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The line graph illustrates the evolution in the cost of share spent of Outokumpu companies in euros over the course of 5 years starting from January 2006.

It observed that in the first month of 2006, the value of share stood at 13 € and rose dramatically to reach over 30€ at the end of 2006. However, by 2007, this upward trend was suddenly broken and the share experienced a significant drop to just roughly 22€, but this was not the last it fell. After that, despite climbing sharply to 30€, the amount of money on share then plunged to approximately 7€ at the last months of 2008. Finally, these was a gradual growth in the profit of share in 2009 and 2010

Overall, how much money earned from the share remained relatively unchanged in the above interval of time. Also, the share was at their highest at the begging of 2007 while the weakest share figures ould be seen at the end of 2008

Khang Tran MinhThe line graph

Where is the graph?


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