hi, everyone, I wanted to know if anyone could review my writing task one, and tell me what band am I aiming since I'm looking to improve on this task. (By the way, I don't know how to post the picture in this comment section)

The line graph provides information based on the average amount of monthly temperatures emitted by the sun, and the average period of hours obtained per year in the cities of London, New York, and Sydney.

Overall, we can observe that the cities of New York and London have decreased significantly after a month period of time, and on the other hand Sydney has developed an increase during the end of the year.

Analysing the graph, we can notice that since the beginning of January the cities of London and New York have increased constantly on his monthly temperature. Nonetheless, until the period of July, they have reached a peak of 35 degrees. Previous from that time they suffered a total decrease on his weathercast.

On the aspect of Sydney it has remained steady for a period of 2 months, and later on, it has decreased dramatically until the month of July. However, the temperature recovered and started to increase again over the months of December.

We can analyze that between New York and Sydney both have almost an equal amount of annual hours of sunshine, while London had the least.


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