I have written a couple of books (IELTS High Impact) for students trying to pass their IELTS test. If you have any questions about IELTS maybe I can help!

Hi Patrick

I've replied to your post before but am unsure whether you received it. I am a South African teacher teaching IELTS to international students studying at a British College. I have looked at many IELTS preparation books and just wanted to say that I thought High Impact was the best by far.

Thank you for doing a great job and making my life easier!

Thanks Elise! It's good to know the books have been useful.

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hello i am ebru and i am living in bournemout,i am prepearing ielts exam by myself.i would like to buy your book but i couldnt find high impact ielts teacher's guide book.i have found high impact ielts for student,and i looked inside there is no answers.i can order the teachers guide book but i dont know what are there inside of your book for teachers.is tehere answers of students book and is it suitable for me,i mean for self-study?do i need to buy both?

if you answer me,i will be so happy.

thank you so much....
Hi Ebru,

Sorry this message is late - I don;t know if you are still reading this forum, but the teacher's guiide contains all the answers to the questions in the students book, as well as model answers to all of the essays. If you are studying alone, you will need to get both books.

Hope that helps!