Hi everyone,

I am going to take IELS exam after six months. To meet my department graduation requirement, I have to reach the level 7 in IELTS tests. My IELTS teacher told us that there are some topics such as environment topics, education topics that frequently appear in the tests.

Since I am weak in the environmental knowledge, does anyone know how I can improve and advance my this kind of knowledge, through what way??

any useful recommeded websites?


I am in dire need of passing IELTS


Hi Jane,

I was an IELTS Examiner once upon a time and I can tell you that the topics are very general. Everyone should be able to talk about them without any very specialized knowledge. Of course you should know what words such as 'environment', 'pollution', and 'global warming' mean. The goal of the test, however, is not to see if you can talk about a difficult topic. The goal of the test is to see if you can express your own ideas clearly in English.

Also, if you get past Part 2, you must still respond to a variety of more abstract questions on Part 3. This page on IELTS Speaking Functions can help you respond very effectively. Good luck!
Teacher Joe,

Thanks for your great suggestions and help

Thanks a million

Jane ^^
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Hi Joe,

I like your website a lot^^
You should get used to some terminologies which are specific to environment. Try to read more articles about that. You also need to know what other students are doing so you can understand what the difficulties are and you can improve.

For example, here is an IELTS Writing Sample . Look at the way they are using the vocabulary and the structure of their writing.

For speaking, you should get a partner who you can practice with.

Hope it helps!
Now envarionment is most popular global issue. So you should read more envarionment related news on Google.
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You could check out ieltspass.com they offer free courses to introduce you to what's included in the ielts and they also have quite cheap courses compared to other resources out there! Good luck Emotion: smile