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It is a matter of fact that learning a foreign language is inevitable if one wants to reside or settle in another country which has its own language. However,when people migrate to foreign land they have to face several difficulties related to language which affect their social and practical lives. In my opinion, such problems are ought to come in their journey of settling to a new country.

To begin with, there will be a difficulty in understanding the way locals communicate with each other. The barrier of getting used to a particular language can take up to several months. During that time, a non native person may get embarrassed and feel awkward in different situations. Moreover, he cannot converse properly with his colleagues and neighbours, and therefore feel secluded from the surroundings. For instance, a foreign student with little knowledge about German, studying at a university in Germany may find it difficult to cope up with their classmates as well as their instructors, which may lead him to depression.

On the other hand, there are various practical issues which new migrants might have to tackle. Firstly, people would not be able to easily understand different rules which are necessary in their day to day life such as traffic and driving rules. To elaborate, they might get lost or misguided if they do not understand banners and signs on roads. Secondly, while buying a new product from a shopping mall or general stores, a person is more likely to get confused in selection of appropriate product. To cite an example, a customer will find difficulty in reading and understanding the user manual of different products and face problems related to its usage.

In conclusion, staying in another country will obviously bring several social and practical problems, but they can be minimized with time and certain preparations.

swec zoomIt is a matter of fact that learning a foreign language is inevitable

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