The line graph demonstrates the changes in the emissions of CO2 in four European countries from 1967 to 2007.

Overall, UK and Sweden were two nations which experienced a downward trend in production of CO2 while there was a rise in the amount of CO2 emitted by people from Portugal and Italy.

In 1967, UK produced the largest quantity of CO2 among 4 countries (nearly 11 metric tonnes) while the figure for Sweden was just around 9 metric tonnes. However, 1997 saw a slight decrease in the amount of CO2 produced by UK, while Swedish citizens' production of CO2 soared to just above 10 metric tonnes. Over a 20-year period, both UK and Sweden reduced their amount of CO2 emission but the drop was more significant in Sweden.

Meanwhile, Italy and Portugal saw an upward trend from 1967 to 1977. Over the following 20 years, the production of CO2 in Italy gradually rised and peaked at about 8 metric tonnes after which it plateaued for the following 10 years, while the figure for Portugal saw a more considerable increase to above 5 metric tonnes, followed by a slight climb until 2007.

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The line graph illustrate the average production of CO2 from individuals in four different vicinity of Europe in the period from 1967 to 2007

Overall, the production of carbon dioxide, in Italy and Portugal steadily growing up with the passage of time. Interestingly, UK and Sweden behave quite contrary.

Initially, beyond the UK, the emission rate climb up experienced three countries till the 1977. After that, behavior of Sweden dramatically changed. Whereas, the emission of CO2 observed on decline. On starting point, UK leading all the countries to which his emission rate is 10.9 metric tonnes, additionally the lowest rate judged by Portugal which is 1.3 metric tonnes.

In 2007, Sweden and Portugal have same experience but dimensions is on (emission of CO2 is 5.6 metric tonnes ) 180 degree. Italy and UK observed ( 7.8,8.9) respectively, Italy have same rate since 1997, however UK steadily going on decline road. Maybe UK will observe minimum production rate of carbon dioxide one day.

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