Firstly, I want to send my gratituds to Jako and Rob for correcting my previus essay.
Then is my next homework about a graph showed in the page 71 of the Insight into IELTS Book.

The graph shows the fluctuation of Harry’s annual sales of hamburguers, month by month, over 1998.According to the graph, Harry started the year saling abaut 2000 hamburguers on January and this number remainded relatively constant until March. After that, the number of sales drop slighly to about 1700 on April and then it remained constant on May. Between may and June we can see a gentle increase in about 1800 hambirguers sold. In this point of the year, the number of hambuguer sold rosing dramaticaly to reach a peack of 3000 on August. Then, The number of sales began to decline and we can see a relative sharp fall between August and September to 2500 hamburguers followed by a dramatic drop in October reaching the lowest sales in just about 1200 ones. After October, the number started to increase gradually to close the year in 1600 hamburguers sold on December
Hi Sofía,
There's the odd grammatical/spelling error here and there but let's look at the general trends.

What were the main trends?

- In January there were about 1900 hamburges sold with this number remaining relatively constant (OR STABLE) until March.
- There was a slight drop in sales of hamburgers between March and April (about 200 less being sold).
- April - May remained constant.
- Between May and June we can see a GRADUAL increase to about 1800 hamburgers sold.
- The number of hamburgers sold ROSE quite dramatically to reach a peak of 3000 IN August.
- we can see a relatively sharp fall in sales between August and September
- This is followed by a further drop in October reaching its lowest sales of hamburgers to about 1250.
- After October, the number started to gradually increase with the year closing at 1600 hamburgers sold IN December.

Now that we have the main trends, we have to connect them and 'fill the spaces'.
What you did using trends was good because if you say the amount of sales for each month, it gets very repetitive. The examiners are more interested in seeing if you can describe the most important features of the graph, not the numbers themselves.

This is a quite a good start. Now we have to work on perfecting the grammar/spelling and the sentence linking/continuity. It's a little short. It should be at least 150 words but it's still good for a first try.

- Remember that we use IN before months -

me people think that parents should teach children how to be good members of the society. Others, however, believe that school is the place to learn this.

Discuss both views and give your opinion.

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

Some people believe that parents can make the children a better human being whereas some people think that it is responsibility of the schools.
I truly believe that this is definitely not the job of the parents alone. But the parents play major role in the personality and character buildup of the child as the learning process starts from the home first.Child initially learns and develops good or bad hàbits from the home.In the growing age children always follows their parents and learns from them and then try to adapt those things in their this stage parents can teach them more and more good habits,and manners in order to set an good example of responsible member of the society.
When these children goes to school they face wide variety of people from different backgrounds with different thoughts they are able to cope with others and can practice good manners.they know how to share work of other people and help them.Schools can further help to improve the quality and character buildup of child in order to make them respectable person of the scoiety.
Overall.Parents as well as schools,both play equal part to make the child a better and good human being