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The table givesinformation about the proportion of land covered by forest in 4 different nations such as Australia, New Zealand, Brazil and Chile in 3 years.

Overall, the figures for New Zealand and Chile experienced upward trends while the opposite was true for the others nations. In addition, the land covered by forest rate in Brazil reached the highest point during the period shown.

In 1990, the amount of land covered by forest in Australia, New Zealand and Chile was reached at 2,9%, 28,8% and 20,4%, respectively while Brazil hit the highest point in 1990 at just over two-third. After 5 years, while Brazil witnessed a drop significant by exactly 5%, the projected figure for New Zealand slightly went up from 28.8% to 31%. The percentage of land covered by forest in Chile reached at 21,5%, just 0.2% higher than the figure for the other country.

For Chile, growth was slow, was 22% which 2% higher than Australia, respectively. The proportion of this project in Australia and Brazil considerably had a decrease from 21,3% to exactly 20% and from 57.2% to 53.5%, respectively.


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