Hi friends,

this is the first time i write in this forum. I´m venezuelan and intending to take the IELTS test, so i wanted to write an essay in this forum and get your opinios about it.

People attend university or college for many different reasons (for example, new experiences, career preparation, increased knowledge). Why do you think people attend college or university? use specific reasons and examples to support your answers.

Colleges and universities are places on which students attend in order to learn or increase their knowledge on a determined field and develop a career that will help them to improve their lives. The main reasons for which people attend colleges and universities are going to be explained in this essay.

First of all, students enrol in university courses to develop a career, find a good job, high salaries, and increase their possibilities of a better lifestyle. Others who already have a professional background enrols in university courses such as PhDs or Master degrees to increase their knowledge on a specific field, improve their performance at work and obtain higher benefits from the profession they already have.

A second reason for which students attend university is to learn to survive by themselves. University is the first experience with the world and some students have to move to a new city or country in order to attend to class, in such cases they must get used to the customs, transport system and some times language of the new place they are going to live in. They have to learn how to live in harmony in campus too, most of the times they have to share their room with a roommate, and there are some rules to be followed in order to respect each roommate rights.

Campus life could turn really hard for those that have lived with their parents their entire lives, students have to organize their time in order to get all their obligations and assignments done without their parents support.

In summary, I think that universities and colleges are a challenging experience for those that want to develop a professional career and learn all the things that campus life involve. Actually I am thinking of moving to Australia to enrol in a telecommunications course at Monash university to increase my knowledge in that field, improve my English and get immersed on aussie customs and lifestyle. In my opinion graduation is a challenging goal which makes us feel proud of ourselves and makes us change our lives for better.

i would really appretiate to get your opinion about this essay...thaks for your help. I would like to know how much band can I score in the ielts test?
How long that you spend for writing? If it on time, in my opinion approximate 6.5
I spent 40 minutes in this essay...i would like to know what do i have to improve to get a higher score band. What you think smilechn?? should i practice my grammar or complex expressions??. Is this essay coherent and well soported??

What do you think i have to practice in order to get a higher outcome in the test??

Thanks for your answers...
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I think your essay is better than me. You should practice writing everydays; it can help you to improve coherence. Did you read my essay that i posted two topics?
hey plz help me....... my mother got 4 bands in ielts and we have applied for family visa for PR they are saying for 5 bands we have sponser from malbounrne con we go in any other state with low bands? plz help we less time.
I think your essay is better, it can reach band 6.5. I also want to immigrate to Australia, but I still no confidence to take a IELTS test.
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