Hi! I am a Bulgarian doctor. I would like to improve my medical English - on line by listening, reading and writing! I prefer tests and lessons for free. Please help me !

Kind regards! Dr. Tomova;Bulgaria,Varna
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Hello Dr Tomova,

Unfortunately I cannot help In regards to free medical English material. However, I do have a question to ask you. Are you in a position yourself or know any other high quality Doctors in Bulgaria that may wish to work in the UK through a private agency for a 3-6 month period, earning approx £50 per hour? There are certain compliance issues, such as passing the IELTS test and joining the GMC, having insurance valid in the UK and getting on a PCT performers list (which we can give advice on.)

It would be fantastic to hear from you if interested. Our agency is called Capital Group Locums we are looking to mainly supply doctors for out of hours work.


Philip Osband.
Hi there,

Are you still looking for help with medical English?

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hi Anonymous,

the speaker is Bright gem, and I have pass a request as a letter for Refferal Dr. so could you please hellp me wit this one, in fact I have a OET in Australia.


Have you tried the British Council In Sofia?

There is a teacher there Ms Jane Jay, who prepares test takers for the University of Bath English Test. I understand from a dental colleague that they can also arrange for you to take the test. This is their web site http://www.britishcouncil.org/bulgaria.htm

The UBELT Test is a medical English test for a doctors, dentists, pharmacists, nurses. There are free samples to try on the web site!

Many doctors and dentists want to take the test.

Good luck

Hi there,

I'm Jane Jay and have just recently joined this site after having alot of technical problems.
I do teach medical English but I'm not in Sofia. I have my own small school in Kyustendil with dentists that travel from as far away as Pleven and Plovdiv to study because they have the freedom to choose. If I can help anyone then please, have a look at my profile where you will see my website. Just incase you can't access it then its (URL removed by mod. Please don't advertise in your posts.) It also appears on the Bath University ubelt site under resources links, which you can access by clicking on Bulgaria.

I look forward to hearing from some of you.

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After much thought and requests from some of my long distance students I will be teaching in Sofia from March. I am in the process of renting premises and hopefully will be able to meet up with some of you medical students. I will keep you posted and as soon as I know the address I will let you know and also I will put it on my website.

Have a nice day
I am a doctor from Bulgaria.I My name is Tania Nikolova .I live in Sofia and would like to join in your course of medical english.How can I contact with You
Hello Dr Nikolova
I have sent you an email but if you do not receive it, then look at my profile on here and you can get all my details from my website.
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