These two maps above present the change happening in a village park ten years ago. Overall, the village saw significant changes with the appearance of some new constructions.

According to the maps, at present, the tennis court area has doubled compared ten years ago. Similarly, in the past, the car park was enough for 20 people, whereas now that number has increased to 50 people. Additionally, the children’s play area has been divided into two separate parts including the children’s park and the children’s soft play area. The football pitch is still right in the center of the park during these ten years.

Besides, some new constructions have been built in the village park. A new cycle path has been constructed outside the park. The pond which was situated in the south of the village near the football pitch disappeared to make a way for a boating lake and a cafe shop. While the woods area also was demolished, now there is an appearance of toilets. And there is the emergence of a picnic area on the left side of the boating lake.

letu96 ten years ago

over the past ten years.


buildings, extensions, equipment, facilities,development. 'an increase in capacity'?

letu96According to the maps


letu96 at present

implied in the use of present perfect

letu96 the car park was enough for 20 people

the number of car-parking spaces ...

letu96The football pitch is still ... during these ten years.

Unwarranted assumption: the football pitch might have been moved and then moved back in the interval between the two maps.


This linking adverb is more suited to Task 2.

letu96in the south of the village

Unwarranted assumption: no cardinal compass points are given.


This sounds as if the pond dried up of its own accord.


woods are felled

letu96there is an appearance of

This would mean it looks like [toilets] but actually they are not.

letu96there is the emergence

Not a natural English construction: use present perfect instead.