The graph below shows the number of visitors to three museums between 2000 and 2005.


The given bar chart demonstrates how many people have visited three museums named MET in New York, Edo-Tokyo, and National in China over a half-decade between 2000 and 2005. The numbers are given a million.

Overall, what stands out from the graph is that the number of visitors to the National Museum in China experienced steady growth while MET and Edo-Tokyo fluctuated over the period in question. Another interesting point is that the National Museum was the least popular museum of the three museums in 2000; however, in 2005 it attracted more visitors than the other museums.

Looking at the details, as regards Edo-Tokyo, the number of people visiting it remained stable at around 14 million in the first two years, and after that, it decreased dramatically from just under 14 to around 6 million in 2003. Although it increased in the last two years, it remained the less popular museum of the three. As for MET in New York, the number of visitors fell sharply in 2001, plunged to about 6 million and leveled off until 2002. Following this, it rose significantly from about 6 million to just over 14 million between 2002 and 2005.

On the other hand, the number of National museum visitors increased gradually in this half-decade from 6 million to approximately 16 million, this figure being the peak level of the number of visitors during the whole period.

Emma PearsonThe given bar chart demonstrates

Did you not read my previous advice? Why do I have to repeat the same thing again?

The given ("Given table" is unnatural English. Do not use "given, provided' above or below") table demonstrates (unnatural verb. People demonstrate. Tables do not)

The same advice goes for graphs and charts. Please revise your essay.

Also, this is a bad essay topic. There are misspellings on it. Only use reliable sources for practice essays.


I had written this according to IELTS advantage book and many things for example "What stounds out from the graph", which you have said are fillers, where tips I learned from this book. Is it an unreliable source you mean?

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Emma Pearson I learned from this book. Is it an unreliable source you mean?

The Metropolitan Museum of Art (MET) is in the city of New York. The legend on the chart says "New Yourk".

The rest of the legend is inconsistent. There is no comma and city for the second. It should be Edo -Tokyo, Tokyo

It does not give the city in China for the National Museum. It should be National Museum, Beijing

I would throw this topic in the garbage and pick only official essays for practice.

Emma Pearson"What stounds out from the graph",

What stands out in this chart....

That clause has three mistakes.

Those words do not say anything about the information. Use the word "Overall". Instead of six words, you say the same thing in one word. You devote more words on conveying the information. You avoid using (or misusing) a memorized phrase, which will get you a lower score.

Also you used "given chart". That is unnatural English. Do not use "given", "provided" "above" and "below"

Do not use "demonstrate" as the main verb here. It is not accurate or precise. Use the vocabulary words I suggested in my advice.

If you do not want my advice, that is ok. Just tell me that you don't and I will devote my time to other students' essays.

Sorry if I didn't pay attention to your previous reply. Thanks for your help. I really appreciate it.