As computers are being used more and more in education, there will be soon no role for teachers in the classrooms.

Technology has been developing rapidly ever since the invention of computer. Nowadays the adaptation of computer is a must-have factor in our daily lives. Schools and classes actually experience the most significant change that computers bring out.

As students prefer using computers for studying, the role of teachers is predicted to be fainted away. Computers provide more accurate and detailed information due to its unlimited resource from the Internet. Also, accessing into the computer is no longer a difficult but very convenient. It takes aonly just a few minutes to search the information while you may have to spend much time listening to lectures.

However, many people argue that teachers do more than just providing knowledge. They give mental support as well as guide the students to go in the right way. For example, when facing mental issue such as depressing in class, a student need a support especially from his or her teacher, besides parents. In addition, teachers lead students and provide them the guideline so they can know the right method to follow.

To summarsize, although computer's merits are undeniable and its appearence may clear out the role of the teachers, we need to make sure that such thing will not happen in the future as teachers are not replaceable.

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