A serious problem affecting countries right across the globe is the lack of water for drinking, washing, and other household cases.

Why do many countries face water shortage, and what could be done to alleviate the problem?


Over the last years, a shortage of water, which is used in several cases such as washing, drinking, and household activities, has become a severe worldwide problem. The origins of this situation seem to stem from many factors, while several remedies appear open to us.

The causes of the lack of water are manifold. Firstly, the gravest problem is global warming., resulting in less precipitation; consequently, the amount of available water is declining. Moreover, statistics show that the population is significantly increasing, which means more water will be consumed. Another root of this problem is that citizens do not have enough knowledge about how to consume water to have less effect on the shortage of water in the future. For example, many people wash their cars in their yard; however, car washers wash cars more efficiently and consume less water using modern technology.

One the basis of the above reasoning, comprehensive solutions have been identified. The first solution is for governments to increase taxes on water bills, so people have to pay extra taxes after consuming a specific amount of water. Another effective way to address this problem is to increase children's awareness at school about the correct ways of using water, and the effects water shortage will have on the environment and people's lives. Besides children, adults should also be taught about what they can do to prevent this situation, such as using car washers, washing machines, turning off the tap while washing hands, etc.

Overall, the shortage of water is becoming an increasingly worrying issue. Governments and individuals should take steps to alleviate this problem; otherwise, the next generation will confront severe problems in preparing water.

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