Unemployment is doubtlessly one of the most concerning problems that challenge each society in the world today. Henceforth, the government has put forward numerous possible solutions to this issue, such as giving every unemployed person a mobile phone and have them access the Internet. Notwithstanding, I partially disagree with this way of solving such a problem using the governmental budget.
It is reasonable to provide the unemployed with a cellular phone and access to the Internet. Such action will not only empower them to approach the labor market more easily with a wide range of job selection offered within immense online platforms, but it will also encourage these people to cultivate essential skills, therefore, better their capabilities, thus put them in an advantageous position to achieve their goals.
On the other hand, in my opinion, this solution, although, is relatively decent, yet not a superior one as there are plenty of other methods to unravel such a setback. To begin with, one of the prominent utilization of public funds in view to lowering the unemployment rate is implementing a universal basic income. This promulgation will enhance the well-being of the unemployed a great deal by erasing the mindset of scarcity, loosening the mind, advancing decision-making, encouraging spending, therefore stimulating the economy and maximizing the prosperity of our people to the full.
Furthermore, the government can take advantage of state funds to create jobs for the out of work as social welfare jobs. By carrying out this project, as well as bestowing on these individuals the chance to earn a stable income and having an enormous influx in tax revenues, besides, the unemployment percentage will see a massive downturn.
In summary, the act of having the unemployed the possession of a mobile phone and also the Internet makes complete sense to me, nevertheless, the efficiency of such unraveling to a critical impediment like unemployment comes nowhere near other exceptional resolutions.


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