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Link to the graph: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/759701030862386485/

Fast food

The bar chart gives information on how much money the UL people spend on three categories of fast foods in terms of different income level in 1990.

Overall, it is evident that there are huge differences in the amount of fast foods eaten by each income group. Also, people who earned less than others spent the lowest amount of money on these kinds of foods.

As can be seen from the graph, both the high and the average income groups had the highest expenditure on hamburger among 3 types of foods, with around 42 and 32 respectively. However, the riches used slightly more pizza than fish and chips, whereas people in average earning level tended to prefer fish and chips to pizza.

Having the lowest expenditure in all three groups, people who earned the least income spent more money on fish and chips than hamburger. In addition, they spent approximately 7 on pizza, which is just half of the money for hamburgers.

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