Interviews form the basic selecting procedure for most large companies. However, some people think an interview is not a reliable means of choosing who to employ and there are some other better methods of selection. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

To get a position in a large company, candidates have to pass an interview managed by the human resources department. This form of recruitment might dominate in the labor market in this decade. Nonetheless, some people claim that a hiring decision made this way might be untrustworthy, and employers should choose other methods that are more reliable. From my perspective, I partly agree with this opinion.

On the one hand, interview is undoubtedly an effective method for recruiting new members for an office. First, in a face-to-face interview, interviewers could understand soundly the interviewees’ ability and personality through not only their verbal language but also other means of communication such as body language, facial expressions or eye contact. Therefore, the company can offer a chance for the most suitable candidates who present well. They might not have the highest grade or be the most experienced but they are appropriate to the office, its culture, and its members. Second, this is a perfect test for determining one’s ability to work under pressure which is an important skill needed in almost every situation, especially in entrepreneurial sectors where employees have to deal with several unforeseen events. Those who can keep a cool head and show their best performance are more likely to handle works more effectively than those who are too nervous or anxious.

On the other hand, interview has some undeniable disadvantages and other methods can be rationally used to reach a hiring decision. Interviewers are also human and they can make mistake by biasing ones by gender, grade or age. Besides, the first impression of the first meeting can be mistaken. These inequities can lead to approve improper staffs for the company and reduce its efficiency and profession. Additionally, there are some fields that an interview is not enough to choose a suitable person. For example, designers need works to prove their creative ability and it can not be reflected properly with only an oral or visual interview.

In conclusion, I think both interview and other methods can be used flexibly in order to decide who is the most appropriate candidate for a position in a company.

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