Task 1 - Table - #02
The table below gives information about UK independent films.
Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant.
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The table provides statistics on the number of independent film output and the income generated via ticket sales in the UK and the Republic of Ireland in the year 2012. The data are divided into ten rows: nine different genres and one labeled "other".

Overall, there is no correlation between the percentages of releases and the proportions of earnings generated. Also notable is that while comedy was the most financially successful, drama and documentary accounted for the highest numbers of films.

In detail, comedy dominated other sorts with nearly a half of income from ticket sales, albeit this type came third in the number of productions (26 out of 148). On the other hand, 70 drama and documentary films (35 each) contributed to just over a tenth of income. Biopic film with only one release displaced drama to be the third lucrative with 9% of tickets sold. Fourth in the proportion of films (9.5%) and second to comedy in terms of earnings (20.2%) were horror movies.

Although other non-stated types (5.4%) outnumbers action movies (2.7%) by two to one, they were 0.9% less profitable. Thriller and romance made up the fewest sales (1.3% and 0.8% respectively).

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Please review this for me. Thank you.
I find it hard to group the data into 2 reasonable paragraphs. Can I ask some more questions:

  1. Think that we write the overview with [highlighted idea A] and [highlighted idea B]. Is it advisable to base the first paragraph on A and the second on B? How should I do if I can't find the proper way to separate information?
  2. Comedy is a type of film. Which one is correct: "Comedy ranks first" or "Comedy films rank first"?
  3. I can't list all 10 genres by name in the opening. How should I do when it comes to this type of table

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