Some people have argued that longer working hours contribute to higher economic growth. However, in my opinion, I partly agree with this statement since there are other factors which also significantly contribute to a nation's healthy economy

On the one hand, there are a number of reasons why some believe that working longer hours will increase their productivity and boost their economies. These countries engage in production mainly to ensure quality and improve their reputation in the market, so they expect their employees to work overtime to shorten time and make the most of the remaining time. to do other steps. Countries like China are famous for their economies that produce goods and services, yet we can easily see that their employees work around the clock. Overall, some countries can boost economic growth by extending the working hours of their human resources.

On the other hand, there are countries that do not think that extending working hours will incrase productivity and they are right. Because of their economy depends not only on the workforce but also with the help of technology and highly qualified staff, they are able to achieve their goals within the allotted time frame and so they do not usually work overtime. In most European countries such as the UK, France and US, with an abundance of highly skilled and trained staff, corporations and businesses do not need to push their employees to exceed their expectations, beyond their normal business hours. In general, countries with strong resources and modern technology can maintain and develop even if the working time is not prolonged.

In conclusion, prolonging the time to increase revenue is a correct concept, but it is only true for developing countries and lacking in human resources, machinery and technology, and other countries. development does not need to be like that.


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