Opinions are divided on whether making the price of fuel more expensive is the perfect key to the problems related to environment. This essay will strongly disagree with the idea of increase the price of this kind of products and give other more effective solutions.

If the governments make fuel more expensive, it seems unfair to consumer who has a low income and this cannot solve the problems. With regard to the former, fuel consumer will have to pay a higher price with no reason and a more expensive cost will only make the using fuel far away from these people. The another reason is that the higher cost of fuel cannot answer the question of how to solve these problems because using fuel is only a small part of the environmental problems.

Leave making fuel’s price higher behind, there are some other more effective ways to reduce the pollution of the environment, examples of which are related to education and forests. The first effective way is educating children to protect the environment so that when they grew up, they will not pose any threat to it. Turning into the second idea, the government should stop deforestations because they are the reason for most of natural disasters and reinforce the work of reforestations because of its abilities to reduce many problems of environment.

In conclusion, I am completely against the view of increasing price of fuel. This is because it is not fair for the consumer and there are better ways to deal with the problems of environment.


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