Poor nutrition and obesity is a problem in many developed countries and some people believe that a tax on fast food would reduce the problem. Do you agree?

As the growth of some health problems such as intensive obesity and lack of nutrition has an upward trend during last years in developed societies, a great deal of research has been done to evaluate the reasons and solutions. A common held view is that a tax on junk food that is considered as the main reason, would be helpful. Although there are some critics with this idea, but I think it is true to say it is an effective solution for a couple of reason.

First of all, it should be stuck in mind that there is a great tendency for fast food among people, especially children and teenagers. Of course putting tax would lead to decrease in amount of usage of these foods, but those people that are keen on junk food, will buy them. Therefore, it would be better to find a root solution which can change people mind and also their life style.

On the other hand, as these foods are cheaper than traditional foods, people prefer to buy them. While when there is a tax, most of the people prefer to have a healthy male instead of unhealthy foods with less quality.
In addition, the income of taxes could be used to make some educational program or advertisement to encourage people to take some exercises. In other words, if there is a plan for income of taxes, it will be an additional tool to reduce the usage of junk food.

All in all, it seems that junk food is causing more poor nutrition and rising the obesity. In my point of view, considering tax on fast food would be a suitable solution in order to improve the diet and health of people, as well.

black1310Poor nutrition and obesity is a problem in many developed countries

is or are?

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dokterjokkebrokis or are?

Either one is ok.

Poor nutrition and obesity is a problem in many developed countries.

Poor nutrition and obesity are problems in many developed countries.

Hi Alphecca,

Wouldn't that depend on context here?


dokterjokkebrokWouldn't that depend on context here?

No. The singular form is treating these as one interrelated phenomenon; a failure in society relative to healthcare.
The plural form treats these as completely separate.

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