The illustration given by the line chart provides information about the longevity of residents living in Asian areas from 1950 and predicts the length of life of people until 2300.

From an overall perspective, the life expectancy of citizens increases in each regions between 1950 and 2300. Specially, other Eastern Asian areas are predicted to be the longest longevity in Asia.

As can be seen obviously from the graph, in 1950, Eastern Asian people's life expectancy was at about 52 years, compared to roughly 45 years of people in Western Asia's longevity and under 40 years for remaining regions. Over 10 years period witnessed a dramatical rise in all areas, particularly, the length of life of the Chinese climbed noticeably from under 40 years to nearly 70 years.

Looking into the future, the longevity of all regions in Asia is predicted to grow gradually, with a rising to about 83 years in other Eastern Asia in 2300. This figure will be much more than those of other areas, which accounted for around 73 years. By 2300, the length of life of all Asian regions is expected to increase to over 100 years for the Eastern Asian, about 95 years for people in China and just over 90 years for the remaining areas.


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