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The diagrams represent the design for a wave-energy machine as well as how it works and the place which it is located.

Two out of three of this machine is under the water, so that the wave can get into it. When the wave come inside the machine, the water levels start rising and the air is pushed up to the left. It go up to the turbine, which works thank to the electricity generator and change its direction to the right so that can reduce energy to the atmosphere. Nevertheless, the air from the atmosphere come through a space at the top of the machine and fly down to the other turbine to change the direction into to water.

Moreover, there are two wave-energy machines which are put at different places with the same design. The larger one is put at the high installation costs, which can absorb more wave. And the other, which is smaller is put at the lower place and near the shore.

Overall, the wave-energy machines has a simple design which absorbs air as well as create energy to dismiss into the atmosphere, and put at different places which have different amount of water.


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