The statistics compare 4 years in terms of how many global holidaymakers were welcomed to 5 different nations from 1995 to 2010.

Overall, the figures for all countries witnessed an upward trend throughout the surveyed period, with France registered the biggest increase. Among the five countries, USA was the country that experienced the highest number of tourists, on the contrary, Brazil was the least popular destination.

Looking at the line graph more closely, one can see that USA started the period with significant 72 millions visitors, making it the top toursit spot in compared to its counterparts in 1995. Despite having a lower start than USA, at around 30 millions people, due to a dominant number of international arrivals, France reached its peak of around 90 millions, standing at the same position as USA at the end of period.

In 1995, there were over 20 millions arrivals paying a visit to Malaysia, which meant that this figure was more than twice as those of Egypt and Brazil, at about 10 and 9 millions respectively. Thereafter, Egypt and Brazil saw a similar shift as USA and France. Having standing at a higher point than the former, the latter was overtaken, as a result, Brazil was ranked at the bottom, at about 19 millions and Egypt’s travellers were over 20 millions.

scarf car 624The statistics compare 4 years in terms

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