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The line graph shows the amount of waste disposed by 3 companies from 2000 to 2015.

It is clear that company C saw a significant rise in waste disposal over the period shown. It is also noticeable that the amount of waste produced by company B declined dramatically in comparison with company A.

In 2000, company A produced by far the most waste materials, at around 12 tones, while company C’s waste output was lowest, at about 4 tones. Over the following 5 years, the waste generated by company A decrease gradually to about 11 tones, whereas company B saw a considerably increase in waste output, reaching a peak of approximately 10 tones. On the other hand, there was an upward trend in the amount of waste materials disposed by company C.

From 2005 to 2015, company C saw a surge in waste disposal, hitting an all-time high of 10 tones. However, the amount of waste produced by company B dropped noticeably, touching the lowest point at 3 tones. Similarly, company A saw a downward tendency in waste generation.


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