The two maps illustrate the radical changes of the centre in a small town called Birshire at present and its significant development in the futrue.

Overall,it is clear that the farms in Birshire will be demolished to make the way for more facilities catering for inhabitants and the additional appearance of houses will be remarkable by the future .

In future plans, the griffiths farm will be ruined and instead a small supermarket will be built to the north-east site of this centre town while the remaining space will be empty.Moreover,the Corbie road will be expanded to the eastern site,passing through the hoolahan farm.Simultaneously,the hoolahan farm will be replaced by a new car park to the east in Birshire.The sports centre for physical exercises and entertainment will be constructed to the south - east corner of a small town.

Yet another alternation was made to the south-west corner,where considerable houses will be built to substitue a chain storeat at present.The market belongs to farmers will be no longer remained . It will be knocked down , ,leaving an empty spacious area in the future. The original car park will be kept in the same location to the southern site ,standing opposite the new car park and sports centre.


Can you show us the diagrams please?

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