I tried to write within 20 minutes but it feels really hard for me to write under time pressure. I hope to receive feedback and an estimated band score from you guys. Thanks!


The bar chart shows the monthly spending in dollars of a family in the USA on three items in 2010. Summarize the information by selecting and reporting the main features and make comparisons where relevant.

The graph gives information about the amount of money a US family spent monthly on food, gas and clothing in 2010. It is clear that the family spent most on clothing and gas in April whereas in February they spent most on food.

The expenditure on food was about $500 in January. This figure then rose by about $100 and reached its peak by the next month. However it began to drop gradually to $430 in March and finally under $400 in April. Meanwhile, the spending on gas was about $370 in January. After witnessing a drop to just above $200 in February, it started to rise significantly and eventually peaked at $600 in April.

Interestingly, clothing expenditure fluctuated over the 4 months period. Started at just above $200 in the first month, it skyrocketed to roughly $600 in February. This number then decreased sharply to $300 in March before climbed back and almost reached $700 in April. Besides, the average spending was stable at the first 2 months but then increase sharply in March. However it dropped considerably in April.

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Where did you get that task from? I doubt if it was written by a native/proficient speaker of English.

Hi, thank you for your reply. This question is from a writing practice test on IELTS8PLUS and I write the answer by myself within 20 minutes. I hope you believe me and give me some feedback. Thank you!

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Teechr is right. This is a very defective graph. It does not have the range and depth of data that is seen on an authentic IELTS Task 1. Besides, it does not make any sense mathematically.

For example, the "average" in April is below all three data points. The correct average would be (650+570+300 )/3 = 506. The value of the yellow line (average) is half that. The average value for March is incorrect also.

The main feature on this time-sequence bar chart is that it has bad data.

Read my advice for Task 1 essays. If the other practice essays are like this one, I would not use that website for learning or practicing IELTS.

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could u pls let me know the name of that web

Meo Meo that web

Do you mean a website? The web is the entire internet.

You said that this task was from the website IELTS8PLUS.
I advised you, "If this is the kind of task they give you, do not use IELTS8PLUS for your practice essays."

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That website is IELTS8PLUS, but unless you paid it only gives limited access to the practice tests.

I hope you didn't pay any money for this.

Well of course, my goal is to achieve band 7 overall without spending any money. My IELTS test is in November and I really have lots of trouble studying writing and speaking alone. This forum is the only one I found that can help me improve my writing skill. Thus I would be grateful if you guys continue to help me

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