The diagrams below give information on transport and car use in Edmonton.

Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant.

People’s reasons for using the car in the city
Commute to work55%
Leisure activities15%
Taking children to school40%

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The graphs show data about transportation using in Edmonton, comprising car, LRT, bus and taxi
and gives detail reasons of the citizens for using the car
It is noticeable that car is the main transportation in Edmonton, making up merely under half of the
total. The percentage of Light Rail Transit occupies the second-highest group with more than a third of
the graph while people have a tendency to use bus and taxi the least, each of which comprises just 10%.
There is research on reasons for car using in the city. The most popular reason for this is commuting to
work, with over half of the citizens shows the same answer. The reasons related to business
and taking children to school is a little similar, at 45% and 40% respectively. In addition, leisure
activities and shopping simultaneously stand at the least common reasons, at 15%.
Overall, people in Edmonton use car the most for transportation and it is for working purpose. They
tend to use other transport for leisure activities.

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