The given chart gives information about the ratio of the population of different nationalities, while the table presents the proportion of Australian, British, New Zealander, Chinese, and Dutch living in urban and rural areas.

Overall, although the given information about city dwellers of Australian was lower than that of other nationalities, the majority of the Australia population is Australian.

As can be seen from the pie chart, nearly three-quarters of the population in Australia is the origin of Australian. British and New Zealanders make up 7% and 3% respectively in this country. Although only a tiny minority of Chinese and Dutch are found in Australia, the figures for other nationalities are nearly 15%.

Looking at the table, the vast majority of people from China are living in urban areas while the figures for Australian and Dutch are only 80% and 83% in turn. Meanwhile, the data for British and New Zealand living in rural are nearly a tenth of these criteria.

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