The line chart illustrates the proportion of people used internet in three nations namely America, Canada and Mexico over the period 10 years starting from 1999.

It is clear that there were a significant rise in the figure of internet user in all whole three countries. Also, Mexico has least people used internet over 15 years.

In 1999, the percentage of used internet in America saw highest (about 24%), next Canada with 10% population used internet. The last order belongs to Mexico, approximately 5%.

In 2002, USA and Canada has same rates people used internet with roughly 45% on each. From the year 2002 onward, it can be seen that the proportion of user accessed to internet in Canada surpassed that in USA. To be specific, the number of citizen used internet increased considerably to 100% in Canada in the last year, and became the highest figure in the line graph, while internet user in the USA grew to 80%, make them the two highest figure in the same time. Mexico also saw a substantial growth to approximately 38%, but it was still in the last order.

Can you show us the chart please?

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vuonthi1991The line chart

There is no such thing as a line chart.

There is a line graph, pie chart or bar chart.


Illustrate means "make a picture". You can use this verb for maps, flow diagrams and other types of pictorial figures, but it is not good for plots and graphs.

vuonthi1991figure of internet user

This is incorrect. Please read my advice for Task 1 essays:

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