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The bar chart plots the way in which four different tourists - Chinese, American, Turkish and Brazilian - spent their holiday in Greece. The activities listed are going to the beach, reading books, or visiting other attractions.

Overall, Chinese spend the highest amount of time reading books, while tourists who went to the beach the most is the Brazilians. The hours spent by the two other tourists (American and Turkish) were almost equally distributed.

Chinese tourists visiting the beach spent 3 hours in average, while it was twice as many as that for Brazilian tourists. The hours spent by Turkish and American tourists going to beach were lower, with the respecting figures at 5 and 4 hours. Moreover, both the Americans and Turks allocated 3 hours visiting other places, while it was 2 hours for the Brazilians and 1 hour for the Chinese.

Hours spent on reading was considerably higher among the Chinese at 8 hours. By contrast, hours spent by the Brazilian and Turkish visitors were half than that of Chinese, whereas tourists from UK read 5 hours in total a day.