Given are the line graph illustrating the number of visitors coming to the UK and the figures for UK citizens travelling abroad over a period of 20 years starting from 1979 and the bar graph depicting data about the most common nations for UK people to visit in 1999.

Overall, it is clear that the quantities of visits to and from the UK increased significantly during the period. It is also notable that France and Spain are the most preferred places to visit by the UK people

As can be seen from the line graph, at the beginning of the period, there were approximately 11 million of visits to and from the UK, followed by a steady rise of about 5 million over the next eight years. From 1987 onwards, the number of international people visiting the UK rose gradually to just under 30 million in 1999 while the figure for UK people travelling abroad grew considerably to well over 50 million by the end of the period

Looking at the bar chart in more detail, the number of UK citizens going to France, which was about 12 million, was slightly higher than that of Spain, at nearly 9 million. The figures for people who paid a visit to the Usa, Greece and Turkey were much lower, at 4, 3 and 2 million of visits respectively

here's the link to the graph :


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Trang LeeLooking at the bar chart in more detail,

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Trang Lee 4, 3 and 2 million of visits