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The diagram illustrates the steps how ceramic pots are created.

In general, the process of making ceramic pots usually includes nine steps, starting with the obtaining of the raw materials and ending with the coloring and decoration of the finished item.

First, the raw materials needed to create the pots are dug from the soil and delivered to factories. The raw material is crushed as it arrives at the factory, mixed with other substances, and then put into moulds. The material is dried for about 4-6 hours after being molded into the desired shape.

When the pot is dry, it is removed from the mold and baked at a temperature of about 1000 degrees Celsius in an oven. The pots are decorated with color once they have been suitably baked, and they are then heated in an oven once more to allow the color to dry. After that, the pots are prepared for use or for sale.

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