Recent research has shown that media like the Internet and TV have a greater influence over people`s lives than politicians.

Which do you consider to be the greater influence?

p/s: Can you tell me whether it is logical or digressive to have a complete essay in this way?

People have different views about which is more influential to the public in today’s era between the interactive media and political figures. To answer this tough query, I speak in support of social media because of some direct advantages it brings back.

On the one hand, there is no question of the positive impacts of the Internet and television. Thanks to these highly advanced inventions of technology, people are now offered many golden opportunities to approach the latest breaking news and events from every corner of the world. Moreover, not only does the media return some benefits in terms of entertainment and relaxation to users, but it also acts like an educational tool. For example, small children can study and play simultaneously through online lessons and interesting Youtube videos. Meanwhile, politicians and governmental officials also play a crucial role in managing and helping residents settle down to a stable life. If it were not for the existence of politicians, it is definitely hard for every nation to keep its society under control. As a result of this happening, the number of crimes committed would be added more and the community could suffer from a state of complete disorder.

On the other hand, I strongly believe that the influence of social media such as the Internet and TV is by far greater than that of politicians due to some following reasons. Firstly, human beings tend to take sides with something which takes place frequently in ther eye. Obviously, the media can meet these requirements and become people’s first choice reather than politicians to collect information and news. Secondly, people always want to keep themselves posted with every incident happening in the world. Instead of asking governmental figures for information or some stuff like that, people turn to the media because they offer people many good news in such a much faster way, for instance, a click of mouse or a press on buttons. Finally, not mention to someone who has a burning desire for national issues, the majority of population just feel most presentations and speeches about education, politics or economy is quite boring and stereotyped and then lose their interests virtually.

In conclusion, although we can not deny the significance and roles of politicians in various governmental sectors, the media is still much more familiar and influential to people’s lives and choices.


Well, if research has proved that the media have more influence, then there is not much point in discussing it. The question needs reformulating.