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Information technology is changing many aspects of our lives and now dominates our home, leisure and work activities.

To what extent do the benefits of information technology outweigh the disadvantages?

With the advent of modern technology, the way we live has been significantly changed over the past few years. This advancement is considered to be beneficial although it does have several drawbacks. In this essay, I shall argue that such advanced technology’s negative effects outweigh the advantages

On the one hand, technology has positively affected our lives from work to entertainment. The advent of various useful technological devices makes it possible to increase productivity. In the past, for instance, people would use hands to harvest the crops, however, they use a machine to do the same task nowadays because it outperforms its human counterparts. This would not only maximize the effectiveness and also be less time-consuming. In learning, for example, students now have easy access to a plethora of applications which aim to help students more well-studied such as Duolingo for learning new languages or to entertain themselves such as some online games or social media apps.

On the other hands, many modern machines created to increase productivity could lead to a rise in the unemployment rate. In the past, the production of a product would involve hundreds of workers. Those people now could be replaced by artificial intelligence like robots. The more robots manufacturers use, the more employees would be unemployable. This will result in an increase in the poverty rate among the population. Furthermore, in virtue of the usefulness and the convenience sprung from technology, people tend to be more passive and rely much on modern devices. Instead of going out and have some outdoor activities, people would like to stay at home and have their eyes glued to the mobile phone screens. As a consequence, they are likely to suffer a multitude of dangerous diseases such as obesity or diabetes.

In conclusion, although the development of technology benefits our lives, the disadvantages significantly prevail over the positive marks.


Please do not post your essay twice. Be patient. It takes a lot of time to review an essay thoroughly, and there are many essays posted by students.

Also consider the time difference. While it may be daytime in your location, in other locations it is nighttime and people are sleeping!!!

Also, you need to study the feedback, and learn from it. It does not help you if you use the same bad vocabulary words and expression and make the same mistakes in a new essay that you did in a previous essay.

If you do this more than twice, it is fruitless to try and help you improve. Teachers get discouraged from spending any more time on correcting the same errors. Instead, ask questions about the feedback so you can learn not to make the same mistakes over and over again.

I am so sorry about this. I had wrote those essays before I posted on here, so I made the same mistakes in my essays. And I also made a mistake by posting my essays twice.
Thank you for your feedback.

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I am so sorry about this. I had wrote those essays before I posted them here, so I made the same mistakes in my essays. And I also made a mistake by posting my essays twice.
Thank you for your feedback.

One important skill that essay writers need to have is the skill of proofreading and revising.

If you learn these skills, you will get higher marks. You had the opportunity to practice these skills, but did not do it. Students who post without thinking are generally not performing to their potential.

In the examination room, you need to have a strategy or plan for a high score. Students who do not have this and practice it a lot will be disappointed.

Here are some considerations for the exam room strategy.

You know that you have 60 minutes to complete both task 1 and task 2. Task 2 counts twice as much towards the final score as Task 1. Task 2 has a minimum of 250 words. Task 1 has a minimum of 150 words.

So what is your plan for spending the one hour?

For Task 2, most students lose a lot of points because they do not answer the essay prompt clearly.
They lose points for writing off-topic.
They lose points for repetition.

So, what is your strategy for Task 2?

1. Do not read the topic quickly and begin writing.

Read the topic carefully. Plan your essay for 5-10 minutes before you write one single word.

In the first 10 minutes:

Read the essay instructions and prompt two or three times. Make sure you understand it.

Decide your main point, the answer to the essay prompt.

Write down some key vocabulary words directly related to the topic.

Think about 2 arguments that you will use. Think about personal examples you can use. Take notes on them.

In the next 20 minutes:

2. Write the opening paragraph. Spend some time on the thesis statement.

3. Write the two body paragraphs.

4. Write the conclusion from the thesis statement and the 2 points in the body paragraphs.

5. Review and revise your thesis statement.

In the last 10 minutes

6. Proofread your essay completely. Fix the grammar, spelling and other mistakes. Improve the transition words and phrases.

7. Revise your thesis statement.