Some people think that physical strength is important for success in sport, while other people think that mental strength is more important. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.


People have contrasting views about the influence of physical and mental strength on the prosperity in sporting activities. While I believe that physical strength is crucial in some sporting activities, I also believe that mental strength has a greater role for success in sports. This is because through trainings physical strength is built and muscle strength is grown for expertise. On the other hand, mental strength will enable players to build up confidence to be the best in their games.

To begin with, physical strength is a crucial aspect in sports. This is because it comes a result of practice and trainings that shape a person to be better in a particular sport. More so, the players gain muscle strength that will help them to adapt to the sport unlike for a case of a person with no such trainings. A good example is seen in Crossfit competition of weight lifting where it is impossible to achieve heavier weights without constant physical training and strength. Thus it is quite impossible to succeed in some sporting activities without physical strength.

In addition, mental strength plays an even greater role for success in sports simply because mind preparation, confidence, and intelligence all propel a player to success. Eventually, in the course of training and experience in playing the sports, players eventually master these three mental techniques. For instance, during a football match, the trainers may teach team members to understand the weak points of the other team and use it for their advantage. Therefore, adequate mental preparation will increase chances of winning regardless of previous results.

In conclusion, I believe that having both physical and mental strength in sporting activities will increase the chances of winning in competitions since not only will the players be smart and confident they will also have muscle strength to go along with.

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