In some countries, university students live at home, while in other countries, university students go to other cities rather than live with their family. Do you think the benefits of living away from home outweigh the disadvantages?

In several nations, those pursuing higher education prefer to move to metropolises while others choose to stay at home. I gravitate towards the view that the merits of moving to other cities far eclipse its drawbacks.

One of the cogent merits of leaving home is that university students can cultivate many important life skills. For example, students may learn some basic culinary skills to prepare their own meals, manage to use their money wisely and responsibly to cover their living expenses, or individually undertake household chores to keep their settlements tidy and clean. Cumulatively, those habits will potentially enable them to be better prepared to lead an independent lifestyle when they officially move out.

An additional benefit of moving to cities is that there will be several prospects for personal development, both academically and socially. In terms of professionalism, university students can attend after-school classes to have a better grasp of their specialization, or secure part-time jobs so that they can obtain important job-related skills. Similarly, they can also partake in various social projects to foster meaningful relationships and contribute more to the community. Thus, by going to urban areas, students can better themselves in many aspects, thereby becoming more well-rounded individuals.

Nevertheless, there are certain demerits associated with going to urban areas to attend university, one of which is mental disorders. Admittedly, being geographically distanced and lacking daily conversations with their families can, to some extent, prompt increasingly higher levels of loneliness, anxiety or destitution in many students. Consequently, should they fail to solve these mental problems, this may lead to deteriorating academic performances.

In conclusion, I believe that the advantages of leaving home to go to other cities to get a university education, namely life skills and personal improvement outweigh the downsides such as the vulnerability to pessimistic feelings.

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