People’s lives are now surrounded by advertisement. This affects what people consider important and has a negative impact on people’s lives. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

These days, the matter regarding to the impacts of advertising into people’s lives have attracted multiple concerns. It is commonly believed by some that this advancement of advertising could have a fundamental role to play in human life and produce certain negative impacts. I strongly agree with this view for several certain reasons.

There is no denying that there are some merits of advertising. First and foremost, advertisement is a great opportunity for customers to have access to products. For many companies today, especially those new to the business market, marketing is essential to endorse their products to potential consumers. This leads to the increasing profits of a firm as well as the rise in the economy. Apart from it, promotion is considered as an effective way to assist their consumers in choosing a particular product. A wide range of brands selling a certain product could be confusing for customers to select a suitable one. Hence, a great amount of information in advertisement is likely to meet buyers satisfaction.

Notwithstanding, advertisement is able to influence the way individuals opt to what is important and produce negative effect on people’s lives. It is true that companies are likely to attract their potential customers through painstaking and high-quality endorsement. However, many today are frustrated by the amount of promotion surrounded their lives. Advertising, for instance, tends to be included in all the Internet due to the enormous profits can be received from advertisers, often regarded as time-consuming for those seeking a brief respite. On the other hand, advertisers tend to cheat consumers due to the advancement of high technology that can change the real item’s imagines. Many advertisements, for example, coined “illustration purpose only” are likely to disappoint buyers as the advertised product quality is far different from reality. Therefore, this contributes to the great dissatisfaction for those paying for such low-quality products like these.

In conclusion, I strongly believe that there should be a restriction in the number of advertisements people have access to as well as the authentic of the products endorsed.

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