In order to achieve a better health, while it is thought by some that exercising is of paramount importance, others argue that the focus should be on a sensible diet. In my opinion, I consider that regular physical activities are the foundation for one’s wellbeing.

On the one hand, it is sometimes believed that exercising is the basis of wellness and I agree. Firstly, engaging in physical exercises increases overall levels of fitness. This in turn boosts immune system, which makes one resilient to deadly ailments such as cancers, hypertension, etc. Secondly, physical exertion detoxifies the body. Through perspiration from workout, poisonous and intoxicating substances are washed out of your body, which, consequently, improves your bodily functions. Thirdly, exercising is an antidote to stress or depression. It acts as deterrent to worriness and fear as one tends to forget negative feelings to fully apply themselves to physical activities.

On the other hand, it is widespread belief that a well-developed eating habit serves an important role in people’s wellbeing. An adequate diet supplies essential nutrients for the body to work effectively. Without it, people run the risk of contracting disease, infection and have lower work performance. Children who are consigned to poor diets may face abnormal growth development, poor academic credentials and greater risks of infections. My cousin, for example, overconsumes sweetened milk and caffeinated drinks and pay little heeds to fruits and vegetables, which leads to his suffering from obesity and almost costs his life.

In conclusion, while good eating routine has a positive impact on one’s health, my view is that physical exertion is the precursor to our wellbeing.

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