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Do the benefits of tourism outweigh the drawbacks?

Generally speaking, millions of people worldwide probably travelled to another country or have probably throughout about visiting another country. In fact, some individuals claim that traveling to another country have given them personal and economic benefits. However, local citizens living in this country believe that having tourism has damaged the environment and had a strong effect on preserving their culture.

The major reason for traveling is enjoying the great outdoors and need to get closer to nature. Also, the tourism has given the travelers have fun and charged their batteries. Moreover, many travelers look for an experience different customs and culture. For example, visiting sight-seeing, trying sunbathing, climbing mountains, and testing a new cuisine. Additionally, the second reason is traveling opens minds and broaden their horizons alike. On the economic side, the tourism industry is vital for some countries; citizens in those countries rely on tourism for their income. In fact, tourism attracts investment from government and companies. So, it creates employment due to demand for good and service in hotels and entertainment. Positively, it effectively helps to improve the standard of living for people in host countries.

On the other hand, tourism has some drawbacks as well as it affects the environment of the host country. That will safe their home and their population living badly effect by tourism. Also, this would be to build excessive roads and hotels. Because at times it affects the natural habitats and result in its deterioration, and also sometimes landscape get spoiled. The worst part is that tourism causes pollution and waste. In fact, it puts pressure an local resources such as food, water, and energy. Moreover, tourism many cause a risk in the cost of living, thus the prices of goods and services will go up. That may effect in the local people, because many tourists may buy or rent resulting in a surge in real a state price for local as well. Additionally, having a lot of tourists may affect the local tradition as well. As a result, many of tradition, jobs and skills might die out. For instance, farming and fishing. Thus leads local populations to work in the tourism industry.

To conclude, tourism brings a lot of benefits for host countries and their people, but at the same time, the benefits could acts burden on host country society resulting in many background habits. However, the benefits of tourism are more than its negative. So, I strongly believe that tourism should be promoted in such a way that there will be minimal harm to the environment and culture of the host countries. Thus will safe their home and their population living from badly effect by tourism.

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