The picture demonstrates two types of student room for two people and one person at an Australian university.

Overall, the student room for two people is more expensive and bigger with much more facilities than the room for one person.

Firstly, the room for a single person is 2.5 metres in length, which is shorter by 1.5 metres compared to the double-student room. Moreover, the flat for two roommates have study desks, beds as twice as the single-student room. The big table stands in the only double-student room. By the way, the price for the bigger room is 350 dollars per week, while the smaller one requires 200 dollars per week.

At the same time, both of the rooms are equipped with television. In both rooms, all kitchen machines as stove, sink, microwave are presented. Finally, the bathroom is located in the left-upper angle of the room in both of them.


Some university courses are currently proposed to learn on the internet thus studying without leaving home. There are some benefits such as saving money and time on commuting and making own schedule of lessons, whereas it could harm the effectiveness of learning and promote laziness in students.

First of all, sitting at home on the computer helps to retain all the precious money and time. Commuting is costly, especially in everyday riding on the bus. It takes away a decent part of your savings and decreases your opportunity to buy something more important. By this way, you could preserve your cash to buy some new online courses or books, rather than buy bus-tickets. In addition, time which is expended on riding in the bus could be directed into a bunch of useful things as sport or learning. Hence, online learning gives lots of opportunities to develop own personality and pile up some cash.

However, some negative effects as lowering the pace of education and losing of disciple influence people to a high degree. If the person does not communicate with teachers in reality, it would lead to worse saturating of new information and less understanding in a student. Also, students get relaxed if nobody controls their deeds during the studying days, and this could deteriorate the learning process as well. Finally, students could end their academic year with weak results.

In conclusion, online courses of universities have advantages and drawbacks, if they are applied to learning process, all factors should be included like student`s determination, type of subject, lack of contact and other so that it would not hurt the learning process and knowledge of students.


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